Bluehost Facebook Ad Analysis

Audience The target audience is people with manage websites and who are likely to buy Christmas presents. . I think this showed up on my facebook feed because the internet algorithms know that I have many websites at various hosting companies. Seascape Principles Least Resistance It’s the Christmas season and everyone needs gift ideas. This … Read moreBluehost Facebook Ad Analysis

Reverse Engineer Adobe Brand

Introduction Adobe designs software for creative professionals like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc… All of Adobe’s visuals on Social Media are over the top stunning in order to connect with and garner the respect of the design professionals who use their products. Reading the Seascape The Value Principle “Figure out the value that users are getting … Read moreReverse Engineer Adobe Brand

WooCommerce: Removing Product Variations in Bulk

You have lots of products with lots of variations. Like a T-shirt with 16 different colors and 5 sizes. You’ll no longer be able to offer one of the colors, so you need to remove that option from all the products using that color, but how? You can select products from the WooCommerce products list, … Read moreWooCommerce: Removing Product Variations in Bulk