Facebook Post Analysis


Dream Makers take note of (even memorize) this one key principle: though you need communication to feel close to him; he needs to feel close to you before he’s willing to communicate.

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What is the main purpose of the post?

The purpose is to get people to register for the Mom conference. The inspiring message implies that similar messages would be at the conference.

Who is the audience of the post?

Married mothers are the target audience for this post.

How does the post connect with the audience?

The post shares personal marriage advice that married women will most likely find interesting.  The way the message is phrased is intriguing. It makes the reader feel like there is more than just what is said in these few sentences. It makes the reader want to know more.

What value does the post provide to their audience?

The message is enlightening.  A woman wants to feel close to her husband. Much of the discourse about this is trite and clichéd. The value here is that it is a unique idea that addresses a basic emotional need.

How does the post’s design connect and communicates with the audience?

The post’s design is a picture of a young man and woman happily talking with each other.  The image relates to the theme of the message about a husband and wife communicating in order to feel close to each other. The man and woman look happy. The readers also want to be happy.
Both people are vertically in the rule of thirds. Their faces are horizontally in the rule of thirds.
The image itself appears to be in cold weather. Both people are wearing jackets and it seems that a breeze may even be blowing. Yet they look comfortable and happy.  Perhaps this is a metaphor for the post’s message of creating warmth and closeness in a marriage.

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the post is successful?

This is a Facebook post, so the metrics to determine success are likes, shares, and comments. This post wasn’t particularly well shared, but it accomplished its purposes for the few who viewed it.

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