WooCommerce: Removing Product Variations in Bulk

You have lots of products with lots of variations. Like a T-shirt with 16 different colors and 5 sizes. You’ll no longer be able to offer one of the colors, so you need to remove that option from all the products using that color, but how? You can select products from the WooCommerce products list, … Read moreWooCommerce: Removing Product Variations in Bulk

Learning the Adobe Suite

These were some super helpful activities for learning the Adobe Suite in my Communications- Visual Media class.  The youtube videos walk you through how to do the activities.  I use the Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop Worksheet Download photoshop worksheet file. Troubleshooting (can’t move images) – https://youtu.be/Yc5XckSLsJQ Magic Wand Tool – https://youtu.be/b1luW1qNiNc Quick Mask Tool – https://youtu.be/eeRu3Ozvyio Lasso Tool … Read moreLearning the Adobe Suite