Painting Trees and Grasses with Paul Clark

I came across Paul Clark’s YouTube channel for watercolor painting and decided to try his tutorials for grasses and trees. I have some laughable attempts at painting grass and trees on my own even after watching tutorials from other YouTubers, so I was eager to learn.  I like his style of teaching. It’s quick enough to be engaging and paced enough to be able to follow along.  A 20 minute video has 4 or 5 examples to reproduce. At the end of both videos, I had 8 or 9 finished examples and that was quite satisfying to have so much to show for a couple of hours of painting.

In both videos, he shows a technique of pulling out paint from a wet wash with the sharpened end of a wooden paint brush.  This did not work for me as well as it did for him.  I assume it’s because I don’t have quite the right paper or sharpened tool yet.  I’ll keep working on it.







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