Reverse Engineer a News Feed Post

This post from Medium:  What I Learned About My Adult Self by Rereading My Childhood Favorites was published as a news feed article on Facebook.

Seascape Principles

  • The Value  Principle: the value a user gets from a channel .
    This post gives the reader an idea about what to read, I mean, re-read next. That is really helpful, because that is often a hard thing to figure out.
  • Least Resistance Principle: the payoff has to be worth the effort it takes to get it. The reader easily gets a new idea about reading old books by only reading the title of the post. This is easy & if they decide to follow the author’s advice, re-reading children’s books sounds easy too.
  • Zeitgeist Principle: the mood, feeling or spirit of a particular time in history.
    The idea of this post references the Zeitgeist of the reader’s childhood – as compared to now. Almost any reader could relate to since every reader read books as a child.
  • Story – Even if the reader isn’t going to go re-read books from their childhood, this story line is intriguing. What did the author discover by  re-reading their childhood favorites?  Finding out, is just a click away.

Design Principles

Original Image:

The original image shows elements of excellent composition and design. Below are a few examples:

Rule of Thirds

The girl is sitting on the floor at the bottom horizontal rule of thirds line.  Her ankle is at the juncture of the horizontal and vertical thirds lines on the left
Divide the center square into thirds and her head is at the horizontal and vertical rule of thirds lines on the right.



This is a dramatic use of leading lines. There are so many leading lines in this photo and they all point in the direction of the girl reading. This leads the eye to the main subject of the composition which is representative of the title of the post.


The vertical lines and book motif are repeated over and over again. Combined with the leading lines in the previous example, there is a feeling of repeated movement as our eye moves through the horizontal lines and sees the repeated vertical lines and stack after stack of books over and over again.


The Medium author’s image choice for this article was excellent. The subject matter represented the topic of the article including the author herself as the girl sitting on the floor of a library reading a book. There are many principles of design expressed here, we focused on just 3, Repetition, Lines, and Rule of Thirds. If I were a writer, I would be happy for this offer to choose an image for my article!

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