Trek- Day 1

Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Highs in the low 70’s. Light breeze. Sunshine. Gorgeous!

Drove up and down to horse stables a bunch of times.

Dropped off breakfast to admin staff.

Chicken Salad lunch in creates. Families made their own sandwiches. Bread and chicken salad, chips, cookies, and sliced watermelon. 

Snacks went on hand carts. 1 snack bucket got “lost”.

Dinner. Took up to the bluff in Judy Brock’s truck & David Lee’s truck. Tom drove around all day with Camp Jack’s trying to figure out access to bluff.

White chicken chili turned out great!  Nice neutral dish. People came back for seconds. I was very worried about the flavor, but very happy with the result.

Getting paper towels and baby wipes back is an issue. Brother Allred (deputy sheriff) got them back for us. Amazing!
leftovers is also an issue.

Took 10 people back down the mountain.

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