Trek – Day 2

Thursday morning started with a beautiful sunrise on top of the bluff. Actually it began at 4:00am in the kitchen cabin. We prepped a mountain man breakfast for the families to cook in their dutch ovens. This was their first time cooking as families. The camp jacks prepped the charcoal so that it would be hot as soon as breakfast arrived. Some families casseroles cooked quickly and others didn’t. The ones that didn’t simply didn’t put enough hot charcoals on the bottom of their dutch ovens.


Many families cooked their breakfasts in the center near the fire and the charcoal chimneys. Other families took their chimney full of charcoal back to their family circle and let it cook there.

Mountain man breakfast. Bananas/peaches. We prepped this in dutch oven liners and drove it to the bluff in Judy Brock’s 4×4 truck. We came back down the mountain with one of the youth, Adam Peterson, who was feeling sick. He slept at the cabin all morning.

Looks yummy!


A couple of the family circles in the background.
Another family circle.


We brought all the snack bucket supplies to the top of the bluff. Each family brought the bucket to us and we filled it with them. They were able to tell us what they needed or didn’t need or want. They all came at different times so it worked out great.


Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches on Honey Whole Wheat bread from Great Harvest bread company. Chips, pickles (a hit!), sliced oranges, and a few chicken salad sandwiches for the camp staff. We met the trek at the Cool springs overlook parking lot after they pulled up the switch backs on “rocky ridge”. We planned on lunch around Noon, so we got there about 11:30am. They showed up finally around 2:30 pm. So then we had to hurry back to finish up dinner.

We took Adam Peterson with us to the overlook, because he said he wanted to come back and finish, but he couldn’t even stay awake. His parents were Ma’s and Pa’s so Tom drove Adam home so his parent’s could stay with their Trek family.


Beef stew, caesar salad and Artisan bread. This was another successful meal. I was super happy with the flavor of the stew. The meat we bought from Sam’s club was excellent! We started cooking the Artisan bread in the morning around 7:00am. Even cooking 4 loaves in the oven at a time, we knew we needed to bake for about 8 hours to get all the loaves done. Brownie bites for dessert.

The youth arrived at the pioneer camp around 6:30pm. I drove down to the camp to see if the youth had arrived yet. They were just pulling their hand carts in when I was about to make the turn to camp. So I stopped and watched the procession. I asked if they were hungry (they just finished lunch around 3:30pm). They all said they were starving! Haha! So we brought dinner right away. 🙂

Bungee system for keeping the lids on the roaster ovens full of beef stew so they don’t slosh while transporting them to the campsite. 2 bungee cords crossed at the bottom of the roaster and threaded through the handles and hooked together on the top.
Here are the roasters loaded in the back of the truck ready for transport.
Serving area at the pioneer campsite.

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