Hi, I’m Kristina Plauché

Born in California, raised in Georgia, and now a Texas resident, I am a wife, a mom, a friend, a runner, a problem solver, a latter-day saint Christian, and a product lead at Automattic.

Business experience. As the founder of a web-based subscription fruit and vegetable co-op, I grew it from a handful of customers picking up their produce from my garage to a retail store and warehouse with several thousand customers and sales of $800K+ per year. I know what it takes to grow an enterprise from small beginnings to maturity. 

Leadership experience. Over my years at Automattic, I have led teams of less than 10 to a division of over 30.  I focus on making data-driven decisions and ensuring that projects and goals have a meaningful impact on the business line’s priorities. I take a high-level view of low-level tasks to see how they fit into the big picture and then communicate that to others.

WordPress development experience. My familiarity with the processes of web development comes through working with product teams at Automattic as a Happiness Engineer, and through a Bachelor’s degree in Web Design & Development.   As part of that education, I did coursework in devops, system security, system analysis and design, database design, object-oriented programming, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, mobile application development, backend development, frontend development, human computer interaction, advanced CSS, software engineering, and visual design. You can see from my portfolio here.  When running my business, I even wrote some small WordPress plugins to meet the business’s specific needs. I don’t shy away from learning to do new things when needed and I am always eager to learn more.