Trek Prep Day

Woke up 5:15 this morning with my fitbit buzzing at me. I don’t remember setting that alarm.
Called the Farmers Market and placed an order.  Did some preliminary personal packing.

Stop 1 – Truck Rental

Left the house around 7:30 am and picked up a 16 ft box truck/van from Penske.

Stop 2- Farmers Market

Made our rounds at the Farmers Market. Picked up food at 4 different places, General Produce, Sanwa, Southeast Processing, and an open air vendor. Super happy to get 50lbs of diced onions. That means no crying over chopping onions. Hurray!

Picked up a few watermelon in the open air market and the spanish speaking proprietor loaded them on our truck with a fork lift. Why do I get a kick out of that?

Got a nice burrito brunch at Don Burrito grill at the Farmers Market.  Authentic Mexican cuisine.  I love the cool things we get to discover at the Farmers Market. It’s always an adventure of some kind.

Stop 3- Sam’s Club

Sam’s has an amazing service called Click and Pull. We placed our order online on Sunday and said we would pick it up Tuesday around 11:00am. About 10:50am I got an email saying it was ready. When we walked into Sam’s club I was prompted to sign in to their WiFi. I rarely do, but this time I accepted. A notice popped up about their Scan and Go app. This means you can add the items to your order as you put them in your shopping cart. You add a payment method and checkout- on your phone!  You show your e-receipt at the door and off you go.  This may be my favorite shopping experience ever. That saved us so much time and effort of moving the food into the cart, out of the cart, back into the cart. Kudos to Sam’s club. That was amazing!

Stop-4 WalMart

By this time we were starting to get cranky and anxious. We realized we were thirsty so we paused (sort of) to get a drink (a 50ç lemonade that we shared). Time was ticking away so we tried to hurry it up. It’s hard to hurry when you have 2 very full shopping carts. We made it out of there in around an hour with only a few things left to get at Aldi.

Stop-5 Penske

At this point Tom and I split up. We had to pick up the truck we left at Penske so it wouldn’t be stranded there all week.

Stop-6 Aldi

Only 3 things left to get. I shopped. Tom went home and got all our kitchen equipment.

Stop-7 Home

Picked up personal gear & Tyler. Nicole & Tyler were a ton of help gathering all our equipment so it was ready when Tom pulled up with the box truck.

On the Road

Can I just say that I love driving Highway 411? I am blessed to live in a beautiful place! Our trek spot- Fort Mountain – is a beautiful area.


At the cabin, unpacking took about an hour. One of our camp staff, Jen Carter pulled up about 30 minutes after we did. It was great timing. 4 of us made quick work of it. We rearranged some furniture (very carefully of course-
please don’t tell the park staff) and put food on the screened in back porch, family room, kitchen and even some of the bedrooms. Miraculously it all fit and we still have places to sit.

Dinner 1

I was probably a little too ambitious about this. We made chicken pot pie from scratch. We had to cook the chicken, make the pie crust, and bake it. Then deliver it to the camp staff (12 of them). We finally arrived with it just before 9:00pm. Next time (if there is one) we are doing something simpler.


Gathered with the cook staff to have a devotional and go over plans for the week. We covered the schedule, recipes, logistics, food allergies, etc…

The Trek masters dropped by and it was good to connect with them. The overall Trek Master for both stakes shared some experiences from the last 2 days with the other stake. That was helpful.


Blogging about midnight. Then hitting the sack for a 5:00 am wake up in the morning.

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